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The Untethered Lawyer

Effective and user-friendly technology is crucial for lawyers to succeed in litigation. However, it is concerning that many lawyers still struggle to utilize their tablets for this purpose. Lawyers must prioritize mastering this technology to serve their clients better and achieve positive outcomes in their cases.
Tech-forward litigators know full well the importance of mobile technology.  The era of being tied to a desktop is gone, but many lawyers are unsure about how to utilize an iPad for mobile case preparation and presentation. LIT SOFTWARE LLC’s LIT SUITE includes TrialPad, DocReviewPad, and TranscriptPad, making it the most integrated, robust, and user-friendly software bundle available. The best software is useless unless used and one of the key benefits of using LIT SUITE is that it is very user-friendly as it makes full use of the touchscreen interface on an iPad.  TrialPad was developed to aid lawyers in controlling the focus of the jury or factfinder making it easy to organize and present exhibits in a courtroom. TranscriptPad provides a comprehensive approach to reviewing and annotating deposition testimony. DocReviewPad is a straightforward yet powerful tool for document analysis and issue tagging.

LIT SUITE also offers the tactical advantage of facilitating an untethered approach to courtroom presentation.  Litigators can wirelessly control evidence presentation and access relevant documentation using an iPad during trial.

The technology of touchscreen was utilized in the creation of LiquidText which was recognized as the most innovative iPad App of the Year as well as the Apple Store Editor’s Choice. Although not specifically developed for the legal profession, the developers have created a dedicated section and focused their marketing efforts on it.

While DocReviewPad is robust enough and easy to use for all lawyers, LiquidText offers an alternative means to review documents, which is more sophisticated but requires a learning curve to master the full potential.   LiquidText provides an intuitive and enjoyable way to compare documents or portions of them in a workspace.   LiquidText offers lawyers a unique way to quickly review and organize key documents with an intuitive workspace, allowing them to easily access, link, and tag important sections.  It provides a workspace dedicated to each document so that limitless document text can be cross-referenced with other documents.  LiquidText is available on Microsoft and Mac IOS devices. The iPad’s touchscreen interface allows for input with both finger and Apple Pencil.

All of these apps enable lawyers to work faster and more efficiently, without being tied to their desktop computers.

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