The Best Free App You Are Not Using

Freeform, a free Apple app, enables users to import multimedia onto a virtual canvas, allowing for seamless brainstorming, trial strategy development, and collaboration with real-time editing capabilities, offering limitless possibilities for trial presentations and mediation strategies.

Freeform is a free Apple app that facilitates importing multimedia or documents onto a virtual canvas workspace. With a simple click on the icon, you can import a video clip, which opens and starts playing instantly. This feature allows you to explore limitless possibilities for brainstorming trial strategy, mediation, or trial presentation using a Freeform board. You can sketch and annotate the board digitally with your finger or Apple pencil.

Freeform also offers a real-time collaboration feature that enables multiple users to access and edit the whiteboard simultaneously. This feature can benefit a trial team by allowing them to collaborate and edit the whiteboard, which could be a proposed sequence of mediation or trial. Freeform is innovative software that is only limited by the user’s imagination.


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