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I recognized right away that the LIT SUITE apps could be a huge help for my personal injury case work. I tried learning how to best use the apps by trial and error and through watching some YouTube clips, but my training sessions with Mark really took things to the next level. There is simply no better method than being able to ask specific follow-up questions and have things explained in as much detail as needed, while the features of the apps are being detailed. I also greatly appreciated being able to get Mark’s feedback on how to tailor the apps to my practice. Can’t recommend him enough!

Landon R. Vivian, Esq.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Mark Lewinter and his business “TrialbyPad.” We used Mark’s training services for the LitSuite applications TrialPad, DocReviewPad, and TranscriptPad. From start to finish, Mark was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. He was able to answer all of our questions and make sure we felt comfortable with the applications. His training was comprehensive and well-tailored to our needs.

Our firm is very knowledgeable and competent within the entire Apple Ecosystem. Mark customized the training to reflect our existing technological skill level. Mark does not provide some simple “one size fits all” approach; he took the time to understand our firm’s needs and skill level to provide a truly bespoke training experience. Mark’s training approach made the process incredibly efficient and extremely valuable. Mark was a pleasure to work with, and his services are highly recommended. He is clearly an expert in his field, and his knowledge of LitSuite applications is unparalleled. Our team is grateful for the training he provided, and we highly recommend his services. We look forward to working with Mark again in the future.

C. Austin Elliott, Esq.

Last summer, while teaching at the ABA family law trial advocacy Institute, I was turned on to the wonders of the trial pad suite. I saw the benefits right away but didn’t have the technological wherewithal to apply them. This is where Mark comes in. His guidance and tutoring on employing the wonders of this technology has materially improved my practice (and professional life). I’ve been trying cases for 38 years and cannot remember feeling this confident and on top of my cases as I have since using these applications with Mark’s guidance. I strongly recommend allowing him to help you adopt this life changing technology to your practice.
Steven Peskind, Esq. The Peskind Law Firm St. Charles, Illinois
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