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Embrace a paperless approach to litigation, as it offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance efficiency and provide a competitive edge. By transitioning to a digital platform, you can forge a competitive advantage by swiftly accessing and managing case information, leveling the playing field with formidable opponents, and making informed decisions promptly. Moreover, the paperless approach promotes organization, eliminating the hassle of physical document management and allowing for seamless digital organization. With fingertip touchscreen access to all case information, litigators can effortlessly navigate through extensive files, retrieve critical data, and streamline their workflow. Adopt an AI-powered system to manage transcript and document review and analysis, video syncing of video depositions, and effortless creation of video impeachment clips.

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Legal Tech Consulting

  • Harness the power of an iPad to prepare, present, and adopt a cutting-edge litigation workflow with industry-leading software.
  • Cost-effective and battle-tested best practices of curated apps
  • One-on-one coaching remote or live to master touchscreen instantaneous retrieval of all evidence, exhibits, and multimedia.

As a national litigation trainer certified and recommended by LIT SOFTWARE, LLC, I am here to assist you in mastering the art of case preparation using curated software. Seasoned trial lawyers know that cases are won or lost in the office, not the courtroom. This preparation-focused training helps to settle your cases.

With my help, you will learn to use DocReviewPad for document analysis, issue coding, annotation, bates stamping, production sets, and detailed reports. You will master proven, battle-tested best practices for TranscriptPad for reviewing, analyzing, issue coding, and organizing all relevant deposition testimony and instantly find corresponding video clips. You will also learn best practices for TrialPad, the user-friendly trial or mediation presentation app. TrialPad is the industry-leading legal tech software for iPad and Mac for organizing, annotating, highlighting, and callouts. I will guide you in developing a workflow that integrates all three apps into a robust mobile litigation system, making your case preparation process more efficient and effective.

As a litigation expert in applying LIT SUITE software, I believe in sequencing exhibits used in witness examinations and arguments in a way tailored to each case’s unique needs. By doing so, we can develop a presentation strategy that is effective and efficient. Additionally, I understand the importance of persuasive demonstrative exhibits and would be happy to assist you in creating them for your case for mediation or trial. With my help, you can ensure your trial preparation is well-planned and executed.


Mark LeWinter

Mark J. LeWinter

For more than 30 years, I have been enthusiastic about integrating technology into my legal work. I began using a DOS-based case management program called PINS (later known as Needles) when the internet was still in its infancy and before the introduction of Windows. I can recall an instance when a fellow lawyer entered my office and advised me that it was not appropriate for a lawyer to have a computer on their desk, as it was something only support staff should have. Times have certainly changed!

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