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Advanced & Mac Training Services

Integration of TrialPad, DocReviewPad, and TranscriptPad

  • Excited to be using and training on the Mac update to the LIT SUITE as it offers new and robust features to LIT SUITE apps

  • Strategies for creation and use of a virtual Trial Notebook in DocReviewPad to organize, search and facilitate fingertip access to all trial preparation.

  • Split Screen access to your Trial Notebook and Trial Pad Exhibits.

  • How to best position when using TrialPad to increase persuasion.

  • Best practices for rapid access to video clips, docs, and transcripts for Cross.

  • Comprehensive document management of all trial documents, motions, and rulings.

  • Fingertip access to all deposition testimony, video clips, and digests.

  • Annotation of Exhibits Realtime to keep jurors focus.

  • Multimedia presentations and editing features.

  • Best practices for Zoom/remote litigation.

  • Best practices for using multimedia presentations in TrialPad in remote Zoom-type litigation or depositions.

  • Strategic use of the iPad to command jurors’ attention.

  • Utilizing TrialPad in remote litigation, and settlement conferences in Zoom conferencing.

  • Use of Exhibit Pad for Sharing Exhibits with up to 24 other iPad Devices.

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