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iTry Smarter on My iPad

All experienced litigators know that most cases are won or lost in the office, not the courtroom. Instead, it is meticulous discovery and preparation that leads to outstanding results. In my 40 years of trying civil cases, I have found that complete command of all relevant evidence, testimony, and caselaw with fingertip access and total mobility is the key to effective advocacy.

Over a decade ago, the introduction of the iPad proved to be transformative for trial advocacy applications. With the advent of the touch screen, which eliminated the need for a mouse or trackpad,  the iPad quickly became an essential litigator’s tool, given its ease of use, portability, and functionality. TrialPad was released in 2010 and was very effective as a presentation tool in depositions, mediation, and trial. The facility by which lawyers could create stunning visuals and cost-effective demonstrative exhibits forever changed how tech-forward lawyers tried their cases.

With the simultaneous release of the iPad and TrialPad by LIT SOFTWARE, LLC  in 2010, trial lawyers had a powerful, cost-effective tool for organizing and presenting evidence using their iPad.

Over the ensuing years, the introduction of other apps would become known as LIT SUITE. With the introduction of these apps, it was as though TrialPad, the flagship, bore offspring as the new apps were all integrated seamlessly and used the same terminology and user interface. The new apps, DocReviewPad and TranscriptPad, were not presentation apps; LIT SOFTWARE created them to help lawyers prepare cases. Most trial lawyers, even those familiar with TrialPad, do not appreciate the potential of LIT SUITE as a total “file to trial” litigation system if used and applied correctly.

DocReviewPad is a robust app that facilitates Bates stamping and document management and provides a platform to analyze, annotate, and issue tag all documents, which creates fingertip access to any relevant exhibit or any highlighted page of any document(s). In addition, lawyers apply a workflow in which all identified critical pages of documents are saved in multiple folders for easy retrieval.

A particular document or page is issue tagged and dropped into a case-specific folder(s) that are fully customizable for  Openings, Closings,  Witness examinations, Cross exams, etc.

TranscriptPad serves the same general purpose but is for reviewing and digesting deposition transcripts. Deposition designations can then quickly and easily be presented in TrialPad using the impeachment slide formatting.

The bottom line is that you can transform how you litigate your cases with a proper workflow and an understanding of each app’s dedicated function and potential. The iTry system based on the LIT SUITE platform dramatically raises the bar and levels the playing field for litigators nationwide.

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