How to use an iPad in a Microsoft Office Ecosystem

Many lawyers recognize the benefits of using an iPad for case preparation and presentation but are unsure about compatibility issues in the predominantly Microsoft-based legal profession. How can I utilize my iPad for case preparation, presentation, and daily tasks while using Windows at the office? This is the common question when discussing the power and benefits of using an iPad for litigation.
Using an iPad and Apple IOS in a Microsoft-based office is not as complicated or cumbersome as some might expect.  In fact, it is effortless. One can enjoy the expansive creative possibilities of using an iPad for litigation and at the same time use all the Microsoft programs they are accustomed to using in their office.  You can install Microsoft 365 on up to five devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones at no extra cost. Microsoft apps for iPad and iPhone include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which have a larger acceptance in the legal community.

There are various trial presentation apps available for iPad, such as TrialPad, which make it convenient to import documents from multiple sources. However, even though most PCs now come with USB “A” ports, a dual flash drive that has both USB “A” and USB “C” can be used to transfer data from a Windows PC to an iPad that only has USB “C” ports.

Trial presentation apps like TrialPad also easily import documents from cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Box, or One Drive.

Many lawyers may not be aware that the iPad can be easily integrated and used for litigation, even if their law firm primarily uses Microsoft Windows. The iPad offers a comfortable and organic way to prepare and present cases, allowing for a move beyond traditional paper methods with apps like LiquidText, which was named the “Most Innovative iPad App of the Year” by the Apple Store. LiquidText is a fast comprehensive way to review and organize documents with a relational data workspace that is a major game changer for deep research and analysis. The iPad is a must-have power tool for every litigator and when used to its full potential offers a competitive edge.

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