Conquering Technophobia: How iPads Can Empower Litigators in the Courtroom

Many technophobic litigators feel overwhelmed by the plethora of available programs and apps, lacking the time, inclination, or understanding to invest in changing their established workflow; however, leveraging an iPad, can be transformative, facilitating a practical, efficient, and cost-effective litigation system with easy document review, annotation, and dynamic courtroom presentations.

I often speak with technophobic litigators who admit feeling overwhelmed by the programs and apps available today. Many believe they don’t have the time or inclination to invest in changing their established workflow or practices when preparing and trying cases. Additionally, they may lack a thorough understanding of available technological solutions. Given that the legal tech market is vast and constantly evolving, it can be incredibly challenging for litigators to stay up to date with the latest tools that could transform the way they prepare and try their cases.

While the legal profession has historically lagged ten years behind corporate America, that gap has been narrowed, largely due to changes forced upon the profession by the pandemic. Still, however, many lawyers don’t appreciate that for an expenditure of under five hundred dollars and strategic use of free apps, leveraging an iPad can be transformative.

Using an iPad is practical and facilitates the development of a robust yet user-friendly litigation system. Whether reviewing or annotating documents, deposition transcripts, orcreating video clips for impeachment, easy-to-use apps and touchscreen make it simple to have your entire case literally at your fingertips. The ability to organize all documents and exhibits needed for trial in a virtual trial notebook makes it effortless to access whenever you are preparing for trial. You can have fingertip access to all the necessary documents in the courtroom with the touchscreen.”

Eliminating the burdens and inefficiency of paper is a liberating and laudable goal. Quick and efficient retrieval of information is critical during court proceedings. Given the multimedia capabilities of an iPad, one can dramatically enhance courtroom presentation by engaging jurors with a dynamic presentation which controls the focus of the jury.

The industry leader for litigation iPad software for years has been LIT SOFTWARE, LLC. “LIT SUITE” as it is known is a group of user-friendly yet robust apps which can be integrated into a litigation system, ideal for small and complex cases. By employing best practices, the use of the LIT SUITE apps can be transformative for technophobic litigators who are interested in a cost-effective workflow to up their game.

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