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The Best Free App You Are Not Using

Freeform, a free Apple app, enables users to import multimedia onto a virtual canvas, allowing for seamless brainstorming, trial strategy development, and collaboration with real-time editing capabilities, offering limitless possibilities for trial presentations and mediation strategies.

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Conquering Technophobia: How iPads Can Empower Litigators in the Courtroom

Many technophobic litigators feel overwhelmed by the plethora of available programs and apps, lacking the time, inclination, or understanding to invest in changing their established workflow; however, leveraging an iPad, can be transformative, facilitating a practical, efficient, and cost-effective litigation system with easy document review, annotation, and dynamic courtroom presentations.

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iTry Smarter on My iPad

All experienced litigators know that most cases are won or lost in the office, not the courtroom. Instead, it is meticulous discovery and preparation that leads to outstanding results. In my 40 years of trying civil cases, I have found that complete command of all relevant evidence, testimony, and caselaw with fingertip access and total mobility is the key to effective advocacy.

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